Still Listening

The author’s favorite podcasts, part two



In August 2020 I wrote about the podcasts that kept me informed, amused and sane during the COVID lockdown. Two years later, I’ve integrated a delightful collection of podcasts into my daily routine. Now, I have a couple of new audio friendships to recommend.

For a Canadian with deep roots to the British Empire, I’ve learned so much from Stuff the British Stole. The series was originated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and in season two it is a co-production with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Host Marc Fennell takes a deep, reflective, humourous and horrifying dive into the way that British colonial forces helped themselves to the cultural treasures of India, New Zealand, China, Australia, Greece and … the list goes on. From dodo birds to animatronic tigers, the stories are fascinating.

Logo of the podcast Stuff the British Stole — a pith helmet full of looted stuff, with bullets lying beside the helmet

Gateway episode: Not Your Venus, the spine-chilling story of an African woman who was taken to the UK by a British Doctor and exploited as a freak-show act in London and Paris. “More than 200 years after her death, her life story reveals confronting truths about the treatment of black female bodies and how much has, and hasn’t changed.”

From antiquity to leading edge science, if you’re at all interested in what it’s like to be a university-trained researcher with a passion for a “niche” interest, don’t miss Ologies.

Logo of the podcast Ologies, line drawings of a number of natural history objects and science tools

Host Alie Ward is a seasoned science broadcaster and Daytime Emmy winner, who’s worked with the CW, CBS, HBO Max, Netflix and the Cooking Channel, as well as writing for the LA Times and contributing on-air to KTLA. She brings a particularly anarchic and (to me) endearing approach to interviewing to Ologies, which is supported listeners through Patreon.

Each weekly episode follows roughly the same format: to start, Ali thanks her patrons, and briefly updates listeners frankly and generously on big events in her life (diagnosis with ADHD, her wedding, her unfortunate spill down the stairs which resulted in a serious concussion, and most sadly, the recent death of her much-loved father).




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